The Caribou Bar

Coffee, hot greens, beer but also cocktails in the lounge.

from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

From breakfast to an aperitif and ending with a cocktail from the Caribou Bar. In the lounge in a relaxing musical atmosphere, sip your drinks with friends or discuss business.

Bar with a lounge area to quietly listen to music and enjoy a house cocktail. For beautiful summer evenings, a sheltered terrace overlooks the park. In the winter, warm, you can admire the snow-capped peaks.


Snack lunch

Take advantage of our SNACK service with various Paninis and desserts served at the hotel bar

Bar service


Hot drinks, Fruit juices, Craft beers, drafts, Cocktails


Coffee, hot chocolate, tea

Blonde or white beer on tap

Heineken 0 alcohol-free draft beer.

Local brewer beers

Wines by the glass

Pressed orange juice

Coca, Orangina, Ice Tea

Cocktail: Spritz, Mojito, Gin Tonic, Punch, Negroni Moscow Mule

Digestive: Génépi, Chartreuse, Cognac


Non-alcoholic drink to take away.